Musik für Streaming auf Twitch, Youtube & Co: kostenlose & kostenpflichtige Quellen

Musik für den eigenen Stream bei Twitch oder YouTube (oder andere Media-Projekte) zu finden und zu nutzen, ohne Strikes und Banns bezüglich DMCA-Verletzungen zu kassieren? Hier bist du richtig! Kurz und knackig mag ich dir ein paar Anbieter präsentieren. Kostenlose, wie auch kostenpflichtige.

3D Model Of A @SteemCleaners Member – Guess Who It Is And Win Lifelong Downvotes! | Q&A [ENG/DEU]

English: I hope you are already used to it – every day there is a 3D work by me. Today I made a member of @SteemCleaners in the wild … And you may guess who it is! However, for lifelong Downvotes I can not take responsibility … Actually, last night I started to capture all […]

Bear, give up! | Tutorial | Lowpoly/Polygon Bull with Blender 2.8 [ENG/DEU]

English: Last night I began with a bull, to drive out the bear market. Today I tweaked a few more polygons. I will explain how I did this picture. As in my last posts i try to give you some step-by-step insight – on this i will focus a bit more in future. If you […]

More Weapons, More Details, More BANG – My First Ship for NextColony | Day/Stage 3 [ENG/DEU]

English: Hey Folks. My ship is growing and growing. I just want to give you an insight. If you have any ideas, let me know and i will integrate your feedback! Folks, stay tuned to the next progress. Tomorrow i will continue and after i finished this ship i will start with further objects. Deutsch: […]

My Try To Get Recognised By @Curie… My First Entry [ENG/DEU]

English: Hey Folks. Today i like to start with the curie community (also on Discord) and to get some attention from @curie. After i registered here on Curies Comment Contests I hope my 3D model will catch eyes from the curators. So wish me luck! As in my last posts i try to give you […]

Awesome! See my most failed 3D model ever! Crap like this you will never see again! Promised! [ENG/DEU]

English: A few days ago I decided to win the actual @steemmonsters art contest. So i looked for an inspiration… The result is the most ugly model i ever did… Applause! You can say what you want… but thanks anyway for the cheering words… It is necessary for the competition to show a few steps […]

When I grow up, I’m Elvis the elephant – say hello to Elvis! | My first modeling in Blender [ENG/DEU]

Hey folks! Today i want to present my first modeling ever. Not bad for my first try!? PowerPaul! And yes, you are right! This is „Elvis the elephant“! I would suggest: stay tuned with me and you will see some awesome stuff in the near future! Elvis never comes alone… And yes, also right: you […]

Philips Smart-TV 47PFL6008k/12 schaltet sich willkürlich an und aus? Lösungsansätze!

Lange hat er reibungslos funktioniert, nun schaltet er sich scheinbar absolut willkürlich an und aus: nicht nur mein Philips 47PFL6008k/12 – auch andere Benutzer und Modelle sind davon betroffen. Da die Lösung des Problems keineswegs einheitlich erscheint, möchte ich meine Versuche hier protokollieren, damit andere Philips-Nutzer davon evtl. partizipieren können. Auch bei mir fing es unerwartet […]